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Negotiating for Influence

"Most negotiations should work out because both parties have at least one thing in common...but many don't" 

Are you looking to improve your negotiation skills, build better relationships with clients, partners and teammates or create better deals at work? Whether you are negotiating for a new supplier or for a complicated salary raise, the skills you will learn in my trainings will help you navigate the complex landscape of interests versus positions and bargaining vs negotiating. 

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Building Empathy

One of the key tenets of coming to an optimum negotiated agreement is to build a bridge of empathy with your counterpart. Empathy does not mean agreement, it means understanding. It is important that the other party feels understood before during and after the negotiation. 

We will give you the tools to create an environment for collaborative conversations whether it is in the workkplace with clients and colleagues or in your personal life with friends and family

Outdoors Meeting

Creating a bespoke workshop

Creating bespoke workshops are fun because they allow us to work closely with everyone in the team and create something that has never been tried before.

The participants get a real buzz out of being part of something that they have contributed to.

The best workshops are when the structure is set, but there is enough room and flexibility in the program for the unknown outcomes.


In my workshops the magic can happen at anytime, but it always does.


John Zimmer, International Lawyer WHO

Tony is a world class coach, he is someone who cares about people. As a coach, he consistently helps people find the best in themselves and he does it in a way that strikes the perfect balance between being challenging and supportive


Zsuzsanna Ferenczi, Marketing Director HPE, Northern Europe

Tony helped me organise a 2 day workshop for my team of 40. He was extremely efficient, immediately understood my needs, was very responsive and patient with my continuously changing requirements. Thank you Tony!

Federica Ravaglia,Senior Internal Auditor at Signify

I have had the chance to meet Tony in IESE Business School. He was my communication class coach. Suggestions and advice I have received from him are still in my mind during my daily job..very constructive. Thank you, Tony!

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