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Virtual Workshops

& Training

"It is not as simple as taking an offline workshop and putting it online...the learning won´t happen"

Experience has taught us that simply taking offline material and putting it online does not work. It takes a skilled trainer to re-think their approach to creating fun and memorable learning interactions. As an international coach I have been working with leaders and their teams throughout the pandemic period to create entertaining online trainings that leave the participants with a greater sense of purpose and clarity.  


Deeper Conversations

Do you need help to build your dynamic, well motivated client-facing teams who are looking to achieve fast paced high-performance results?


I am known for asking the questions that need to be asked in order to uncover obstacles to success. I involve all stakeholders in this process and use an iterative, fun style to work on building road maps that produce measurable results.


Top Team Performance


These are some of the areas I work on to create the correct environment for teams to flourish:


Satisfaction - All members of the team must be happy to be part of the team, this requires building internal and external value to being part of the group and communicating them effectively.


Skill - All members should have diverse and complimentary skills sets and levels. This is key in building effective teams.


Vision - This cannot be underplayed, for high performance teams to function to their optimum potential the vision is critical.


Leadership - Leadership requires good judgement and the ability to create an environment of trust where all members feel that they can express themselves creatively. 


Empathy - Empathy is a fundamental cornerstone of top team performance and this is a skill which like all others can be learnt and put into direct practice in the work environment.

Contact Me
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Daniel Pascual, CEO Vistage, Barcelona

Tony is one of the few real coaches I have ever met with more than 25 years of experience, combining the highest levels of professionalism, pragmatism and wisdom together. He has been helping some of the greatest business leaders, influencers and companies in Europe and US and therefore I can highly recommend Tony if you are looking for a real transformational executive coach and trainer.


Phil Cross, Head of Sales CCIB

We met professionally but over the years Tony and I have built a friendship, and I truly respect and trust his opinion.His feedback is always valuable, measured and based common sense conclusions. We have, I think developed a level of mutual respect through the years. If I was not so British and if it didn’t sound so cheesy I would even say, he has helped motivate and inspire me to the point I made an important decision to take a decision, I may not have taken otherwise.. but as I am so British and Reserved I won’t!

Tony thanks for your help and guidance; i hope to return the favor one day!!!”


Raquel Consul, Director LifestyleDMC

I have worked closely with Tony for over 15 years, I am still in awe of his energy and commitment to help others. He is always looking for new ways to challenge himself and this is a contagious trait that leaves those around him no choice but to "step up". As a business-partner Tony is as authentic as you can get, as a coach, he is as kind as possible but as firm as necessary.

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