I was never going to be a coach, I was shy, I stuttered as a child and had a low self image, but when you wake up every day and all you think about is how to help people become the best versions of themselves, you have to answer the call.

As a child I was always the "different one" I often slid off into my own world to try and make sense of the things going on around me. I never understood why we had to learn algebra, I never understood why we had to have 3 "square" meals a day, I never understood why the suffix "ist" when used with words like science, botany, and piano suggested positive connotations and mastery, but when used with race, age and sex, the suffix had ominously negative overtones. Those questions and many others have led me to the work I do today. I am genuinely interested in people and what makes us tick.

One of the things that fascinated me most at university was the psychology of achievement, how could someone with seemingly all of the odds stacked against them turn out to be an epic success in education, sport, popularity and careers? The truth went also for those who seemingly had an insanely gifted take off in life, many would end up not achieving their true potential. Today I have come to realise that many of us operate at below 60% of true our potential. The "why" is what keeps me fascinated today.

I work with C-Level executives of client-facing teams to define what high achievement really looks like and once we have built the teams and the infrastructures, I guide them  towards their objectives. 

I am continually working on myself as I go through this journey and this is what makes it so much fun. I have worked with top executives around the world and have had the pleasure to coach and organise team events for many fortune 500 companies.

Let me share that experience with you today.

Tony Anagor
Coach | Facilitator | Trainer
Education and Training
I graduated from Nottingham Trent University with a degree in Bio-Computing. My thesis was on the Effects of Negative and Positive Reinforcement on human learning. In 1995 I obtained the Association of British Pharmaceuticals Industry certificate before working for Novartis Pharmaceuticals. My experience was in sales and marketing and later moved into training and development. In 2009 I obtained the ICF Accredited Coaching Certificate. Since 2003 I have been the CEO of LifestyleDMC an Incentive and Teambuilding Agency based in Barcelona. Since 2009 I have been an external coach of communication skills on the Executive MBA program and IESE Business School here I work with CEOs and C-Level executives to help them present in public and communicate with power and precision. I am a lecturer of communication skills on the Caixa Impulse Program where we take top scientis with great ideas and teach them how to present their ideas in order to gain funding and/or project collaboration partners
And to relax
I am a Tai Chi Enthusiast, when I am not spending time with my family, reading, writing or travelling I love to practice the ancient martial art of Tai Chi. It helps me focus and relax but also keeps me supple and aware (well at least that what it said on the Tai Chi Brochure when I joined:)

Florian Mueck, International Speaker, Trainer and Author

I have worked with Tony for 10 years on the IESE Corporate Communications Skills Program. His ability to connect with his delegates and move them outside of their comfort zones is one of his greatest strengths.I have witnessed Tony transforming 100s of people over the years, what I love most about him is that he is 100% genuine!

Conor Neill, President Vistage

Tony rapidly builds rapport with participants and creates an environment where people rapidly learn and grow. Participants love working with Tony. He has a real natural talent for coaching, backed up with years of study

Sharon Dawes Commercial Sale Associate - Dubai

  Humble…. To know your purpose in life and let your light (knowledge, skill and expertise) shine through by inspiring others. This is Tony in a nutshell, which became very clear to me in meeting this man over 25 years ago back in the UK – personally and professionally. He has this knack of offering something valuable, uplifting which motivates others to bring out the best in themselves.

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