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Asking for help

Five years ago, I would never have written anything like this post, as asking for help meant that I was admitting I actually needed help. This in turn meant that I was weak, which in turn meant that I was vulnerable... STOP!!!! The question that changed all this is “and so what?”

Once I started to think more about the "so what" part, I realised that nestled inside my feelings of weakness was a strength to admit them and a resolve to do something about it.

As leaders our roles are not simply to lead, that is the easy part, the hard and necessary work that often goes unseen is in the ability to listen when all of our instincts tell us to speak or to be still when our natural reaction is to re-act or to ask for help when we need it. There is strength in empathetic vulnerable leadership.

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Conor Neill
Conor Neill
Oct 07, 2020

Great to see you learning and growing. There is something profound here... that true strength is letting others help you... but not out of your desperation or neediness... but out of your strength. If others help because you "need" it, that is crap for both. If others help because you allow them to participate in your life... that is meaningful for both.

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