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Pit Stop For Game Changers - Barcelona

The annual Pit Stop for Game Changers is back for the 6th edition. Game Changers is a retreat of inspiration for masterminds of professional growth. Bringing together corporate and cultural leaders, entrepreneurs, educators, trainers or coaches, the Pit Stop for Game Changers is your retreat.


18:30 Arrival

19:30 Opening session

20:30 Dinner

22:00 Stories and more



09:00 Breakfast

09:30 Power workshops

14:15 Lunch

16:30 Pathos time

20:00 Group activity

22:00 Dinner

00:00 Fun activities

10:00 Breakfast

10:30 Surprise action

11:00 Now what?

12:00 Positive feedback round

13:30 Finale

Participating Organisers


Tony Anagor. A father of triplets. A former Karate champion and future Tai Chi master. An event expert, a coach, a teacher. And the best friend you could ever find. No wine for Tony. It’s tea and brandy.


Florian Mueck. International speaker, trainer and author. Public speaking and charisma boosting are his biggest passions. Apart from making new friends, wining & dining, cooking, writing, opera and playing the clarinet. 

Tobias Rodrigues. Canadian-Portuguese. Nine years of black robe. But life challenged him to find new paths. Today an international guru in making your teams more effective. And our happy family man loves great wine.

By Invitation Only 

The Pit Stop for Game Changers is by invitation only. For this special annual event we invite a maximum of six people. It is an exclusive growth event. But apart from our personal networks, we also accept your application. Feel free to contact us and we’ll talk about your potential participation.

The Venue - La Farinera (Girona)

La Farinera Sant Lluís is an emblematic space located close to the northern Costa Brava and just 20 kilometres from the border with France. The majestic building of La Farinera Sant Lluís was constructed in 1913.  Until well into the 1960s, La Farinera Sant Lluís was a meeting place for farmers and for the young people of its surroundings, who met here to hold different events such as festivities, popular meals, gatherings of friends.

In 2013, the Costa family acquired the estate of La Farinera Sant Lluís and it was carefully rehabilitated and restored to convert it into a unique and exclusive space for holding events such as company meetings, retreats and even filming sessions. The building of La Farinera Sant Lluís is in the Art Nouveau style and has been catalogued by the Government of Catalonia.


Today La Farinera Sant Lluís conserves all of its artistic value and surprises everyone who visits it. In addition to its historic building, it has a notable surrounding area: 650,000 m2 of parkland and two ponds, alongside the River Muga: an oasis in the heart of the Alt Empordà that adds a touch of distinction and elegance to any event.

How Much is it Worth?

The Pit Stop for Game Changers is one of our absolute annual highlights as personal growth experts. In the past sessions we experienced such an incredible impact. And we have bonded so much with the participants. For Tobias, Florian and myself this is not a money making event. This is about bringing the right souls together and finding inspiration on roads less traveled. Therefore, we decided to make this a cost-based event. Calculate 1000€ for the event. This covers accommodation, food, drinks and all materials.

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