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Survey: The Hidden Needs Of C-Level Leaders

Companies used to create products and hoped that someone would buy them. That is definitely the past. Iterative, agile processes, co-creation, open source – these are the new ways to create solutions for problems in today’s world. But what about the world of trainings, courses and workshops?

The objective of this survey, is to identify those pain points that are being faced in real time so that we can  co-create relevant workshops and trainings around these issues for C-Level leaders. The workshops will be run in key locations around Europe and with guarantee, relevance and results. 

Definition of "Pain Point"

PAIN POINTS : Areas in your work or life that require a disproportionate amount of energy in relation to the desired outcomes.

Your answers will be treated with 100% confidentiality. No third party will obtain access to your data. All participants of this survey will receive the aggregated results and conclusions in an anonymous format.

The Question
As a leader, what are your three biggest pain points?

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Who is behind the project?

Who is behind the project?

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Conor Neill is President of Vistage in Spain and a Professor of Leadership Communications at IESE Business School.


Florian Mueck is a keynote speaker, public speaking coach and author of four books on the subject. He regularly teaches at IESE Business School.


Tony Anagor is a corporate event specialist, coach and communication expert. He regularly teaches at IESE Business School.

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