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Team Re-Focus

This workshop is designed to help align your teams around a common, co-created vision and plan the steps for its achievment

Today many employees feel like they are simply counting the hours from the moment they walk into the office until the moment they leave. Silos are formed and some teams seem to work together in function but apart in every other aspect.

The reason for this disconnect is because many employees feel misaligned or removed from the higher vision of the company and each other. Whether or not this is actually true, in the minds of the employees it remains an issue.


A well-placed team building activity can often give a short-term boost to morale and productivity, but one event cannot build a team. It takes a systematic 360 approach to building a successful team so that they are all offering the highest contribution and being the best versions of themselves.

I have developed this program to examine the DNA of any team and reveal them to each other. Once we know who we have to BE to be successful, we can focus on attaining this skill and mindset, the doing hence becomes a natural by-product.

Who is this workshop designed for?

C-level Leaders

Mid-level executives


Sales Executives

Aim of the Workshop?

To give participants full ownership in their participation in the workplace.

Allow participants to use their experience to come up with ideas for opportunities for growth in their teams and market.

To allow participants to design the optimal situation for their described success

To give participants practical, workable steps on what they can take to become the best versions of themselves.

Amazing week! Thanks for everything!


Donald Marquez

Legal & Compliance | Project & Business Management

Unforgettable week!!! Tony, many thanks for your coaching and inspiration during this week.

Jordi Fontanet Gutierrez 

Senior Program Manager at AIRTIFICIAL

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