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Lead  with Confidence 

Are you a team manager, CEO, director or a founder of a company? What is your leadership style? Do you manage or do you lead your teams?

I work with leaders across all industries to help them to develop their natural leadership skills for maxim positive impact.


Team Coaching 

High performing individuals and teams, are the core assets of an organisation and as such, need the right level of investment of time and attention to ensure they are constructed and supported optimally.

 My clients include, HPE, CaixaRisc, Orange, IESE, Barcelona, Institute of Biomedical Research, Jones Lang LaSalle, Kantar Health and Desigual.


Emotionally Intelligent Negotiation 

How do you move from an adrenaline charged, high-pressure negotiation to a collaborative conversation which uncovers hidden drivers and yields positive outcomes for all participants? Today the skill of negotiation is needed more than ever as we navigate new waters and seek to re-define relationships with partners, clients and colleagues.  I offer a series of practical, evidenced based workshops for teams who wish to improve their abilities to gain both the relationship and the deal.

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In-person  Workshops

All workshops are designed to give practical, usable tools that will provide measurable results. From small focused teams of 5 -10 people, to larger groups of 300 - 400, the emphasis is on creating spaces where things happen. Learn more


Online Team Training

The pandemic of 2020 has had a long lasting affect on teams both in terms of morale and productivity. It is now more important than ever to create team-centric training programs taking into consideration that the audience will now be getting together virtually for most of their meetings. I am constantly asked how to create fun engaging workshops in the virtual world. The answer is easy - "Make it entertaining like Netflix" but the execution requires skill

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Elena Gomez, CEO Bebe De Paris

I have known many coaches and for me Tony is the best! He has great empathy, he knows how to ask questions to make you feel comfortable and listened to. As a coach he listens very well and asks questions that make you reflect on your own abilities and capabilities. He is very patient and instills sense of trust in others.


Didac Lee, Board of Directors F.C. Barcelona

I have known Tony for many years personally and professionally, I have observed him evolve his passion for helping others with his experience in corporate event planning to go in and help companies structure their teams for success. A coffee with Tony always leaves me feeling motivated and positive. His ability to ask deep well structured questions and then use his creativity to move to workable solutions is the stuff of legends


Manuel Garriga, CEO Call2World

Tony has organised several team trainings for me, his approach is what makes him different. He engages with all members of the team and quickly builds a rapport with them. I have also been a part of a some of Tony´s leadership trainings and his ability to ask questions and then use his experience to motivate the participants to move outside their comfort zones is what makes Tony such a success.

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All Videos


Calle Mallorca 260-262 5-3

08008 Barcelona SPAIN


Phone: +34 606 39 30 18

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